Lucid Dreams: Self-Concept. Camera: Nikon F100. Film: Kodak Tri-X 400.

Lucid Dream: Self-Concept

Lucid Dream: Self-concept is the road embodying the answers to the question »Who am I?«. By that,…

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I and I - Never Alone. Camera: Mamiya RB 67 Pro S. Film: Foma Retropan 320.

A Self Portrait: I and I – Never Alone.

My anthology of double exposure film photography selfs continues. Self Portrait There's the…

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Flashlight Experiments. Camera; Kiev 88, Film: Kodak BW400CN.

Multi-Exposure: Flashlight Experiments

Flashlight Experiments is about "multi-exposure" with a flashlight in the hand: Mount the camera on…

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Dark Lake, Deep Woods: Nikon F100, Rollei RPX 25, AM74

Dark Lake, Deep Woods

Green Lake - Grüner See. A magical place in Styria. On sunny days you can watch all the countless…

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