AGFA Billy Record
A breeze of 1930's

This year Ded Moroz, Santa’s cousin from Siberia, sent me an AGFA Billy Record with an Anastigmat Igestar f/8,8 lens – a minimalistic yet très chic 1930’s consumer class 6×9 folding camera.

Which came as quite a surprise, as I walked through all these days without any expectations, just perfectly happy and grateful for 2 days off with my family, relaxed and easy.

Agfa ad from the 1930's

Unfortunately I ran out of black and white film, so I loaded the camera with Portra 400. Now waiting for Friday’s day trip to Trieste, Italy. Will let the breeze of 1930’s dance over sea & port and test my newest treasure first time…

Some results from my first try on that camera